“I am thrilled with the results of the distant healing Diane did on my 20 year old son. My son was in emotional turmoil and was upsetting the whole family so that we couldn’t bear to be around him. Within just a couple of days of Diane starting the healing my son was calm, communicative and pleasant to be around. My 19 year old daughter was so impressed with the change in her brother she asked to have her own healing.
Diane is a true miracle worker.”

CM social worker

Over the past years I have called on Diane for a large variety of different needs and problems I have suffered from, ranging from physical cramping, stress relief, spiritual & professional guidance. I have sent my closest friends and family to see Diane whether it’s in person or through her website for large problems where nothing else seemed to work or help. Everybody has hiccups and crossroads during their life, to any open and willing soul I strongly recommend her services as I’m not quite sure where I would be without them.


As a full-time working mum and wife, it’s not always possible for me to get a personal healing when I need it most. At these times, I have found that a distance healing through the “Healings for You” website has helped me to find balance, reduce stress and achieve my personal goals. I have used distance healings many times for myself and my family since I first heard about the website a few years ago. It is an easy and convenient way to have a healing and I find it great value for the peace, confidence and emotional support that it gives me.
I definitely recommend it, and love the emailed confirmation that my healing is complete and my life is back in balance. Thank you Diane for helping me to be the best me possible.

Administration Officer

I have been using Diane's website, healingsforyou, since its beginning.
I have found it very useful as I am a busy mum of 3 younger children and live outside the Mt Gambier area. Sometimes it is hard to coordinate a trip to Mt Gambier when the children or myself need to see
Diane. The website makes it very easy, it is user friendly and Diane's response to a problem is very quick. I highly recommend Diane's website, healingsforyou.