How does a distant healing work?

Most people see only a small fragment of the world, the physical. Yet we are all made up of energy. An energy healer can sense the energy field of the person receiving the balance and can identify where the imbalances are held. They then transfer energy via vibration to clear and rebalance the individual. Energetic or vibrational healing is not limited by time or space and so this concept works equally as effectively if the person is in the same room or on the other side of the world.

What issues can the balances help with?

Distance healings can assist with any issue that you seek resolution for within your life. You can choose a healing for yourself, friends, family members and even pets. Examples of issues you may want balanced:

What are the benefits?


Stress, anxiety, depression


Personal relationships, direction in life, physical discomfort from surgery or chronic conditions


Energy, clarity, focus, inner peace, confidence relaxation, creativity and joy for life

How many healings do I need?

This is an individual choice; the following guide may help you decide.

Channelled affirmation

You would like an individually created quick boost to assist you hold your focus, balance or direction in life.

1 healing

You are fairly happy with your life but you have a goal you would like to achieve or an issue that you would like assistance with
You would like any blocks to reaching your goal removed
Personal growth
Preventative healing

2 healings/wk

You are generally well centered but the pattern has been with you for sometime or the issue is more complex
Ongoing medical conditions

3 healings/wk

You are experiencing serious difficult times
Chronic stress, blocks or imbalances on an emotional, spiritual or mental level
There is an important goal that you want to achieve in the immediate future

When will healing be completed?

1 off healing/spiritual guidance

will be completed on the day you pay or the next business day

Subsequent healings will be conducted when you have intergrated the previous healing. If more than one healing is booked you will be contacted with an individual care plan.

In busy times please allow 48hrs for healings to be completed.

What are the prices for healings?

spiritual guidance - $45

1 healing/wk - $35

2 healings/wk - $50

3 healings/wk - $65

gift certificate 1 healing - $35

All prices are charged in US Dollars.

How do I pay for healings?

All purchases are made securely through PayPal. You will be redirected to PayPal's website to complete your purchase. You can pay using all major credit cards as well as a Pay Pal account. No sensitive or credit card details are accessed or held by Healings For You.

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