Is now one of those times that you could do with some extra help?

Do you have a physical or emotional problem that you’ve been struggling with for a while?

Are you in the midst of a crisis or just feeling stressed?

Would you like to have more peace, balance, clarity, energy and direction in your life?

Would you like to give a special gift to a family member/friend or pet?

Is there a particular goal that you would like to achieve?

Healings for you can help and all from the comfort and privacy of your own home click here to make a booking.

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Diane is an established vibrational healer offering a wide skills base from Reiki, crystal healing vibrational essences, kinesiolgy, colour therapy, spiritual guidance, channeled affirmations and so on.
Her aim is to empower individuals to achieve joy in their life through being balanced emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

All imbalances first begin in the soul and higher planes of existence before making their way into the physical reality. This is why the balances diane offers are conducted on a soul level and work through the higher emotional, mental and spiritual planes. Diane will identify, clear, rebalance and adjust these higher grids, removing blocks and setting up new pathways for the energy to flow.

The healings bring about change within the cellular structure and they raise your personal light vibration (or quotient). Our balances can enable you to make a deeper connection with your higher self and spiritual family and improve your ability to follow you own specifically designed blue print (or path) Thus achieving greater balance, fulfillment and harmony within your being.

Wishing you all the best on your personal journey…